Mahyar Asadi

(PhD, P.Eng, PMP, IWE)
Vice President of Innovations, Novarc Technologies
Adjunct Professor, University of British Columbia

Innovative Welding Solutions Provider

I welcome and look for professional opportunities to extend and transfer high-profile computational intelligence, AI, and machine learning tools into welding science and engineering roles for case-specific applications and problem-solving in:

High-End Manufacturing Engineering Digitization

Competitive Modeling & Simulation Solutions

Machine Learning Integration & Intelligence Development

Robotic Welding & Adaptive Motion and Process Control

Scientific Engineering Solutions

I welcome complexity and out-of-box thinking

  • Weld Modeling and Simulation
  • Distortion and Residual Stress Mitigation
  • Welding Residual Stress by the Contour Method

Computational Intelligence and Digital Twin

  • Cyber-Physical System and Digital Twin
  • Digital Replica / Model / Shadow / Twin / AI
  • Physics-Guided Responsive Digital Twin
  • Smart Vision System for Welding
  • AI in Welding Process Control
  • Live Defect Detection in Welding

Robotic Welding and Automation

  • Vision-Based Seam Tracking
  • Self-Guided Welding Robot
  • Smart Welding Robot
  • Complex Fitness-for-Service under BS7910 / API579
  • 3D Crack Propagation Analysis in Weld and HAZ
  • Fracture Load Reverse Engineering from the Fracture Surface
  • Welding and Joining of Materials
  • Computational Weld Mechanics and Welding Simulation
  • Computational Fracture analysis and Fitness-for-Service